The crystal-adorned evening gown is the epitome of sophistication and allure in the fashion world. Carefully crafted gemstones embellish the dress, creating a dazzling, eye-catching effect and providing a distinctive focal point.

These gemstones are meticulously arranged or delicately embroidered onto the gown’s surface. This process demands finesse and high craftsmanship, from selecting suitable stones, and designing their shapes and placement, to intricately sewing or affixing them onto the dress.

An adorned crystal evening gown is not merely attire but also a piece of art, where the finesse of the tailor and the designer is distinctly evident. The use of gemstones evokes opulence, celebrates beauty, and exudes a sense of grandeur, highlighting the wearer’s beauty.

JEN HO – a high-end fashion brand established in 2013, we are the Official Sponsor of high-end costumes and evening gowns for the Miss Tourism Malaysia 2023 contest.

With our strength in producing high-end evening dresses and casual outfits, we confidently accompany our customers. You can own an evening dress by ordering directly from the JEN HO website or fan page, or renting a dress at our agency stores.

Let’s admire our luxurious evening gown designs: